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PetPro Connect



We have launched our new mobile app! 



Download Pet Pro Connect today and connect with your Vet! 


With the PetPro Connect app, you can:

•Connect with your vet clinic with PetPro Connect messenger to ask questions or share pictures.

• Schedule a "face-to-face" consult with your vet on your smartphone using the video tool that allows your vet to evaluate your pet visually from a remote location.

• Instant access to your pet’s medical history, share your pet’s latest vaccination records and share your pet's complete medical records.

• Receive automatic reminders for appointments and upcoming checkups.Appointment reminders and scheduling.

• Easily schedule an appointment without calling.



If you have an appointment, when you arrive in the parking lot, open your PetPro Connect App from your phone, and check in by texting your parking spot number and cell phone number. OR please call our office (860-567-0766) a staff member will come to your car, gather any information needed and take your pet into the office. The doctor will speak to you following the exam. We then ask that you call the office with your payment. (check,cash, and care credit is still acceptable)

We are now currently taking new clients and patients. At this time we do not have an expected date for returning to appointments with clients in the building.  As always, if you have any questions or concerns regarding your appointment, please call our office.